Mastering Digital Photography

Join our upcoming class: Mastering Digital Photography

This program is designed to accelerate your entry into DSLR photography with the objective of gaining the skills and concepts you need to take your photography to the next level. We intend to take the fear out of the camera terms and functions, in order to become a good photographer.

While this class is focused on DSLR cameras provided by V-VET for use during the course, your personal camera may be usable if adequate in style and function. The course will deal with all fundamental concepts that are easily ported to any DSLR or other sophisticated camera choices, such as Mirror-less ILC's.

Program Goals:
Participants will gain the knowledge of personal Digital Photography with the results which are fulfilling, fun and informative, providing the basis for more advanced photography classes. This is in the form of formal instruction, classroom hands on training and Field Trips totaling approximately 16 hours.

Participants will obtain the general understanding of lighting techniques and requirements.

Participants will have an Intermediate Technical understanding of digital photography and camera operation.

Participants will be without fear of 10 common terms of photography: Composition, Orientation, Depth of Field (DOF), Focus, Bokeh, Aperture, Shutter, White Balance, Dynamic Range, International Standard of Color Film (ISO) – AKA Sensitivity.

Participants will have the necessary skills to utilize widely available Digital Image post processing software.

The syllabus for this program will be as follows:

Theory, Techniques, Tools

  • Basic Photo Theory
    • Light & Color Basics
    • Focal Length
    • Exposure
      • Shutter Speed
      • Aperture
      • ISO
    • Color Balance
    • DSLR vs Others
  • Basic Photo Techniques
    • Composition
    • Depth of Field
    • Histogram and Dynamic Range
    • Metering (Exposure)
    • HDR/Exp-Bracketing
    • RAW vs JPG
    • Digital file types
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Camera Modes
    • Shutter Priority
    • Aperture Priority
    • Program mode
    • Full Manual
    • Other modes
  • Field Trip
  • Flash Photography
  • EV Chart/Table
  • Work-Flow
  • Photo editing/organizing software
  • Field Trip


  • General
    • When to use manual
    • Low light photography
    • Exposure Compensation
    • When to use Flash
  • Sports
    • Stadium/Team Sport
    • Racing/Motor Sports
    • Extreme Sports
    • Indoor Sports
  • Creative
    • Forced Perspective
    • Star Trail
    • Lightning
    • Light Art
    • Fireworks
    • Motion Blur
    • Zoom Blur
    • Miniature Faking
  • Wildlife
    • Animals/Zoo
    • Birds
    • Pets
    • Aquariums
    • Insects
  • Travel
    • Aerial Shots
    • Landscapes
    • Cityscapes
    • Landmarks
    • Cultural Traditions
    • Seascapes/Waterfalls
    • Sunrise/Sunset
    • Snow
  • People
    • Portraits
    • Wedding Shots
    • Group Shots
    • Self Portraits
    • Children