Veterans Vocational Education & Training (V-VET) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Public Charity, who’s mission is to provide free vocational training, skilled trades education, and vocational rehabilitation (in cooperation with the Veterans Administration Hospital) to US Military Veterans.

Not all Military Career’s translate well into the civilian market. As a result, many Veterans return to civilian life and find themselves struggling to earn a living, and actively participate in the civilian work force. Through the programs offered by V-Vet, we assist the Veteran in expanding their skill sets and employability as well as deriving a great deal of personal satisfaction. Our goal is to help US Military Veterans assimilate into nonmilitary life and provide the basic tools needed to enhance their careers.

We provide education and training at no cost to qualified Military Veterans. This is accomplished through donated labor, money, and merchandise from volunteers and supporting partners. We depend on these individual and company donations to help support our Veterans with technical skills and education.

While we are not a physical or mental health care provider, we work closely with Veterans Administration Hospitals to coordinate their career training with their health care. This approach ensures that the Veteran receives a comprehensive approach to continuing education as well as a focus on their overall well being. Many Veterans have very specific physical and mental health needs and restrictions that require a specialized program. We strive to meet these needs in cooperation with their health care providers.

Please help us help them by using the link to Amazon Smile or a direct donation via the button below.